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Role in Story: Client

Occupation: Social Justice Warrior

Physical Description: Aushthack is a Tosh, which means he looks like he's a Clarkeson (fishbelly white skin, bright, a ring of aqua-marine hair) but is actually not a colony creature bur rather a member of the template race whom the Clarkesons enslaved. Aushthack is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape his life in an abandoned city on the Clarkeson homeworld. Now he's attempting to bring other Tosh out of slavery.



Background: Aushthack made a number of lucky investments after escaping from his homeworld, playing on the common perception that was in fact a Clarkeson. He has been critical in forming a sort of underground railroad to help escaping Tosh and seeks out Gel's help to increase their number.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Aushthack is a bit of a Tuckerization for Aushutosh Thacker, from my high school and college years.

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