Bethany Colson

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Role in Story: Relationship character. She's there to question and support Gel at every turn.

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer for Angela Colson Enterprises.

Physical Description: Due to a combination of her genetics (as the grand daughter of Amadeus Colson) and the time she's spent on Colson's world, Bethany has been imbued life force! Despite being the same age as Conroy, she still looks like she did when they both 19 and freshmen in college. She generally dresses in a loose-fitting work shirt and faded jeans, and a pair of serious work boots that climb halfway up her calves. She can often be seen wearing a brick-colored felt Stetson. She has long chestnut hair that she wears loose down her back. Bethany has a runner's physique; she's slender, long-legged and toned.

Personality: She's a problem-solver, and very driven. She's also insanely protective of Gel, which is ludicrous given Gel's power level. She's also gay.


Background: Bethany Colson is the great-grand daughter of Amadeus Colson, which technically makes Gel her great aunt (though Bethany is decades older and appears a few years older as well, 19 to Gel's 16/17)

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Another side effect of the Plenum life energy she carries is that Bethany has insane recuperative powers. Insane!

Card Lore: Bethany is the Ace of Diamonds: She combines her ambitions and stellar work ethic to focus on achieving material goals, often to the exclusion of other aspects of her life. Possessed of natural leadership ability, she is both independent and confident, a consummate decision maker. The cost for this can be seen in her relationships. The Ace of ♦’s innate restlessness with the emotional side of life means she’s as likely to enmesh with a romantic partner as step away from one. The solution, often as not, is a long-distance relationship, granting freedom (which is to say, control) and less constant interaction.

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