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Role in Story: Comic relief and catalyst

Occupation: Agent to the Amazing Conroy

Physical Description: Like all Pelks, Billi looks a midget version of a Thark—protruding eyes, tusks, green skin, and six limbs.

Personality: Annoying and ingratiating.

Habits/Mannerisms: Billi often appears to be overcompensating for his smaller stature, or it could be that his aggressive style is just part of his approach to looking out for his client.

Background: When a Pelk comes of age, it negotiates with the gods, acquiring a "boon" in exchanged for some price. Billi's boon was knowledge of all things on Earth, from history to popular culture, languages and literature. In exchange, he has lost the ability to produce initial nasal consonants, substituted the sound of B instead. Thus, instead of saying "mom" he appears to say "bomb" and so forth.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Billi first appeared in Buffalito Contingency. On the Phloke world of Leftril, he invokes the inter-alien comfort clause of the consortium of hostels, hotels, and sleep facilities. Veng world of Bisto he invokes article seventy-six, section twelve of the Entertainment Guild constitution. It is unclear if either of these documents actually exist or he's just making them up.

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