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Role in Story: Gilbers is the first Swope that Gel meets when she arrives at the small space station at the top of Kwenzle's space elevator (c.f. Ace of Saints).

Occupation: They works in some administrative capacity aboard the Kwenzle space station, or did until Gel arrived, at which point it accompanied her downworld (though it did expect to return to the station in a season or two.

Physical Description: Gilbers has the androgynous appearance of most Swope. We don't know which (of four possible) genders they are. Otherwise, like all Swope, they are humanoid, with three-fingers and a thumb on each hand, four toes on each foot. Skin color is grey with white freckles all over.

Personality: Easy going and much more cosmopolitan than most Swope, having been trained for dealing with outsiders.



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