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Role in Story: minor plot complication.

Occupation: Dowager

Physical Description: Melfatin is an ancient Dorvaln. Her pelt is grey and her spots nearly white.

Personality: As a function of her advanced age, she is prone to mild dementia, which takes the form of a pleasant confusion. Melfatin finds this amusing, particularly given the fuss it causes in those attending her.


Background: Melfatin is the Dowager Duchess of Hremlar, a very pleasant region on Sharmalaro. Her children, grand children, and great grand children adore her and do not seem to mind that her long life has kept them from inheiriting land or title.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Melfatin is a cousin of Princess Osulma. Technically, if Osulma is deemed unfit to rule, then Melfatin is next in line for the throne, though as a practical matter because of her age and questionable mental health, it would pass to someone else, most likely Krenshawlm.

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