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Role in Story: Ongoing catalyst. They keep arranging for clients to find Gel, so they can observe how she responds to a range of challenges.

Occupation: Ostensibly, Randolv Greyce manages a matrix of industrial properties throughout Human Space, which gives them an excuse to travel widely and encounter many humans. This provides endless opportunities for its natural role (as a Clarkeson), which is to be a catalyst in the universe.

Physical Description: Randolv Greyce is a Clarkeson, which is to say they are a colony being made up of sapient cells organized into a collection of collaborative committees which function together to pursue their agenda in the guise of a humanoid. Specifically, they resemble a clown: fishbelly white skin which contrasts with their raspberry hair that stick out from their head like a wreath. Randolv Greyce is typically garbed in what appears to be a striped jumpsuit riddled with polka dots, but this is actually a decorative sheddable skin produced by an epidermal committee.




Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: Randolv Greyce is suspicious of Gel. They don't know that she is a Plenum (or that Plenum even exist), but they find her odd because she doesn't fit the pattern they have observed for all of Amadeus Colson's other children (which is they tend to leave his planet in pairs, settle in Human Space, and lead quiet, routine lives). They find themselves drawn to her, as if she were somehow a catalyst herself and thus a kindred soul.

First appearance: "Bidding the Walrus"

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