Sarasota Quilton

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Role in Story: Catalyst.

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Physical Description: Like all Quilton, Sarasota is basically a softball-sized slug walking around in a humanoid-appearing encounter suit that presents as a marble human female in her late-twenties (allegedly modeled on a graduate student residing in Sarasota, Florida). Despite appearances and mannerisms, Sarasota is without gender and believed to be several thousand years old. This basic fact notwithstanding, it is customary among the Quilton to refer to them based on their outward appearance, thus in Sarasota's case, the proper prounouns are she/her.

Personality: Sarasota is very serious and almost always professional. She's been known to present herself as an ambassador and treat her encounter suit as a "mobile embassy." She is always on the look out for new projects that, in her words, "will enhance the quality of life in the galaxy." Whether or not she truly believes this, it's a line that she has managed to use quite successfully to get her way. This could be because Sarasota is a natural con artist or because of her race's apparent ability to influence random coincidence in her favor, or possibly both.

Habits/Mannerisms: She's usually smooth and in control, and as a consequence reacts poorly to being surprised.

Background: Her actual name, Parma<click>mrasotcombovlir, has been left far behind and not used in an atmosphere before being spoken by Drinder in the novel Food For Thought.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: She is a character in the series, Pizza in Space.

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