Srin ri Polt

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Role in Story: secondary character in Ace of Thralls.

Occupation: Master Manager, which is another way of saying he is the hereditary owner of a portal. Such owners are a much smaller group than the starship families (as only an individual Cliveden can be considered the actual owner) and possess great stats among the race.

Physical Description: Srin is a Cliveden, specially trained to interact with the lesser races of the galaxy. His status among portal owners is quite low and as such he has been unable to secure an appropriate mate and thus cannot produce an heir.




Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts: Not only does Srin have no heir, his only living relative is an elderly aunt who has previously married into one of the starship families. If he dies, ownership of his portal passes to the aunt, and arguably to the starship family, which would greatly complicate the social order among the Clivden.


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