Svetlana Villanova

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Role in Story:


Physical Description: She is short, and plump, with a pleasant collection of curves, and a warm smile. Her hair is a mass of honey blonde curls. She has a cute patterning of freckles over the bridge of her nose and sea green eyes. She has a musical laugh and an adorable pout.

Personality: Svetlana is a xenophile who actively pursues sexual experiences with new aliens whenever the opportunity presents itself.



Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: First encountered in Buffalito Contingency.

Card Lore: Svetlana is the Ace of Clubs: Always curious, the Ace of ♣s seeks knowledge and information on a range of subjects, fresh perspectives, and novel concepts. She is driven by a need for mental stimulation, but this extends also into seeking romantic partners. She throws herself into new relationships with the same passion as she does new ideas. Her internal conflict comes in the form of desiring company while also craving solitude. This issue notwithstanding, her true brilliance comes to the fore in creative endeavors, which with the proper guidance can lead to financial gain.

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