Terre-Haute Quilton

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Role in Story:

Occupation: Venture-capitalist and novelty addict.

Physical Description: Like all Quilton, Terre-Haute is basically a softball-sized slug walking around in a humanoid-appearing environmental suit. Most often, this suit presents as a caucasian, human female in her mid-twenties (ostensibly modeled on someone from Terre Haute, Indiana). Despite appearances and mannerisms, Terre-Haute is without gender and believed to be several thousand years old. This basic fact notwithstanding, it is customary among the Quilton to refer to them based on their outward appearance, thus feminine pronouns.

Personality: Terre-Haute presents as an easy-going, fun-loving individual who doesn't take life too seriously. This may well be a façade, or a side effect of her race's tendency toward good fortune in all things, or possibly both.



Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: She is a character in the story, "Vaults of Pluto."

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