The Younger Glarp

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Role in Story: Victim and hypnotized ghost.

Occupation: Senior Presence for the Tvost refinery on the northern edge of the city his grandfather owns.

Physical Description: The Younger Glarp (aka Glarp Lewilocus, "Lew" to his friends) of the Pentahedral Diamon is a Veng, which is to say, short, orange-skinned, scaly. Also ear flaps.

Personality: Self-important, spoiled brat.


Background: The grandson of the Elder Glarp, Lew lacks his grandfather's intellect and cunning.

Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:

Notes: While in a hypnotized state in Buffalito Contingency he is made to believe he is Bathatar Konolo, an actuarial forecaster. He is murdered in this state by a Veng from Scintillating Oblong Veracity, and his ectocplasmic rendering believes itself to be this fictitious person of the Rectilinear Pearl rist and thus unable to retaliate as no blood feud exists between them.

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