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Role in Story: Minor antagonist. It is the first opposition to Gel that we encounter.

Occupation: Speaker, and thus leader in the Plenum Senate.

Physical Description: Ytpino appears to be a Gris, a member of a species from the opposite side of the galactic core. To human eyes, it seems like a blocky, translucent statue carved from amber.

Personality: Like the Gris it resembles, Yptino is an analytical thinker. As Speaker for the Plenum Senate, it uses this talent to gather data from many sources and chart long-range plans and policies.



Internal Conflicts: Ytpino feels a personal responsibility for the safety and security of all Plenum and has dedicated its existence to ensuring its species survival.

External Conflicts:

Notes: It would have been happier if Gel had died as a child, and was attempting to manipulate Amadeus Colson towards that end. Though Gel has grown to adulthood and appears to have full control over her abilities, it is still skeptical and sees her as a potential threat to the well being of the Plenum. While it believes she is entitled to live, much as any sapient being, it also believes that greater good would be served if she was eliminated.

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