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Role in Story: Ongoing catalyst. They consider themselves to be the real source of Purpose being tracked by the Taurians.

Occupation: Yucatangelo oresented themselves as a geology consultant, advising the Mexican government on how to control and utilize the volcano known as El Pico de Orizaba. They imported hardware banned on most of Earth (but allowable in Mexico due to a loophole in regulations).

Physical Description: Yucatangelo is a Clarkeson, which is to say they are a colony being made up of sapient cells organized into a collection of collaborative committees which function together to pursue their agenda in the guise of a humanoid. Specifically, they resemble a clown: fishbelly white skin which contrasts with tall shocks of bright green hair that stick out from their head like a wreath. Yucatangelo's clothing is actually its own epidermis, colored and textured by committee.




Internal Conflicts:

External Conflicts:


First appearance: Buffalito Destiny.