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Role in Story: Gel was first introduced in Barry's Tale as a supporting character, a seemingly human girl with a mutant power that provides the plot for the novella. She was six years old. She returns five years later in Barry's Deal, but instead of looking like an eleven-year old, her Plenum nature has sped through adolescence and appeared to be closer to sixteen.

Occupation: Courier and CEO of Angela Colson Enterprises (aka ACE).

Physical Description: Gel presents as a teenage human female, a waifish adolescent with straight, waist-length blonde hair. She typically dresses in jeans, white, untucked, men's tuxedo shirt, and heavily tooled, pink cowboy boots.

Personality: She has a good heart, and wants to make a difference in the galaxy.



Internal Conflicts: Gel is constantly trying to prove herself, prove she's worthy, or love, of admiration, of respect.

External Conflicts: Initially, Gel is limited to teleporting objects and other people to places she's been. She cannot teleport herself. In Book 4 or 5, Bethany Colson comes up with the idea that Gel simply teleport an object that she happens to be inside of. This works to move her, but it also induces powerful nausea, taking her out of commission for about a day. In Book 9, Gel will discover that when she teleports another Plenum, she inherits the coordinates of every place that person has served as an conduit anchor for. Moreover, she can effortlessly teleport herself to any of them without ill effects!

Notes: Although she technically no longer needs it, she nonetheless continues to use a battered, plush bison toy to focus her powers. It is usually in her hand, and if not she can teleport to her from anywhere in the galaxy (one of the few things she has this level of control over), whether she knows where it is or not.

Card Lore: Gel is the Ace of Ace of Hearts: She yearns to demonstrate her specialness. No one else is like her. All too often, her focus is internal, assessing each situation in terms of how it benefits her. This is consistent with her endless search of self-knowledge and need to be loved. Despite such a desire, as the Ace of ♥s she’s comfortable on her own, and can focus her energies creatively. She is extremely experiential, learning less by instruction and more through trial and error. She struggles with gratitude and selflessness (the flip side of her latent narcissism). She will need to master loving herself before she can manage to truly love someone else. Until then, life is a glorious feast and she wants to take big bites of it!

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